Who Am I?


Energetic Manual Therapist
Access Bars® Facilitator
Access Facelift® Facilitator
Licensed Facilitator and Life Coach,
Certified Aromatherapist - Specializing in blending and product making
Hemp/CBD Consultant

I began healing, professionally, in 2015. Although, I've been a healer all my life and in multiple lifetimes. My goal, is to help you know what You know and that You know, trust yourself, and (eventually) no longer need me. I will teach you tools, you will learn how you can heal yourself, ask questions, and know when something more is required. (I am not against allopathic medicine. I believe in a balance and I believe that there is more available to help us heal.)

My parents were missionaries. I went to 12 different schools growing up. We lived in 5 different States, Costa Rica, and Honduras. At 20, I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Severe Acute Anxiety (the kind you go to the Emergency room for). I was on a cocktail of medications, I have been to many therapists, and doctors. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Since then, I learned how to heal myself! I no longer use pharmaceutical medications (unless I have to) and no longer abuse drugs and alcohol. I used the tools that I teach, the techniques that I learned, and spent thousands of dollars and hours learning how to choose differently, change my thoughts, and heal my body. I am always working on that. I find it is a never ending process!

In 2000, my 5-year-old daughter died of cancer. At that time all I knew was Allopathic Medicine. We followed everything the doctors told us and she still did not make it. I used to feel responsible for this, blaming myself, and asking "How did this happen?" Losing a child is extremely painful and difficult. Selina had multiple surgeries, blood transfusions and more. We spent the last 2.5 years of her life in the hospital. She was the bravest, kindest, most enlightened being I've ever met or known. And I've healed from this experience. Now I know everything happens for a reason! I ask questions now like, "What else is possible?" and "How does it get any better than this?" I live a positive and joy-filled life now and so can you! Would you like some help with that? Allow me to help you.

I've lived may lifetimes in this one lifetime. I'd be happy to share with you all of my life experiences someday and more about me and what I know. All you have to do is ask. I also have some more written about it in my blog.

I've healed myself many times. I work with energies, listen to bodies, ask a lot of questions, and trust what I know. As my client and in my sessions, my promise to you is that I will be aggressively present, Vulnerable, hold space for you, honest, honoring, and be without judgement.

I know I can help you. I've helped many people. My clients are sometimes surprised by how much I help them change their lives and heal. Maybe I can surprise you too?

With Kindness & Gratitude,