Access Energetic Facelift®

Access Energetic Facelift®

Revive, Rejuvenate, & Reverse the signs of aging
1 hr | $90

An amazing process which reverses the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body. Performed without needles or painful procedures. The process is relaxing and rejuvenating. The practitioner brings in the energies of Cosmic Botox, Quantum Particulates, Light Particles, and more. If done repeatedly, at least 20 times (consecutively), it appears to increase elasticity in the skin and seems to be more permanent. Can be done as frequently as the client desires and there is no limit.

60 -75 Minute Session - $120

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Access Energetic Facelift®
1 hr | $120

Location & Contact Details

Tel: +1+1616-741-1471
Located inside of SIMIO Health & Wellness 730 Chicago Drive, Holland, MI, USA

Booking Policy

Bookings close 12 hours before the session starts.

Cancellation Policy: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Kindly let us know, 24 hours in advance, if you require a cancellation. Failure to due so can result in fees for your next appointment or total payment of missed session. Please, contact us if you have questions - Thank you!