Transformational Energy Therapy®

1-1.5 HR | $120

Are you ready access deep, transformational, healing change? In these session, Rebecca taps into your body, your consciousness, high levels of consciousness and awareness through channeling, and is able to tell you how and where you require healing. These sessions can be life altering and empowering. Are you ready to step into something far greater?

Each session will last from 60-75 minutes. Please leave ample time in your schedule. After 1 session you will notice something changing. After several sessions your whole life can change. Think of receiving multiple sessions like getting braces put on your teeth. If your entire mouth would change overnight, that could be extremely painful. Multiple sessions allow for the layers to be exposed and healed with ease. Multiple sessions offers lasting changes and results you will be able to see and feel.

60 -75 Minute Session - $120

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Transformational Energy Therapy®
60-75 min. | $120